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Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this web site and no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. The right is reserved to make changes, even partial ones, necessitated by technological developments on our products.

LI-BE will recognize and guarantee products having LI-BE marking and logo, presented with documents confirming direct purchase from LI-BE or from the authorized country dealer listed in Agents webpage.

The supplies made by LIBE SpA and by the connected companies are exclusively governed by here below conditions.
Any clause mentioned by customers will be excluded if not before agreed and confirmed by Libe in writing.

Any order made in connection to a quote has to be confirmed within the validity of the quote itself.
Even if not mentioned, the validity of the quote is always of 30 days.
Once the validity is over the quote is no longer valid and we keep the right to modify it.
Orders are valid only if in written form (fax or email) and with clear specification of designation and quantity.
Orders are binding for customers.
Changes or cancellations have to be requested in writing and will be accepted only in case the production is not customized and/or made on special design.
We keep also the right to supply products in executions, which might differ from what mentioned in catalogues or in orders (for example bearings with massive cage instead of steel cage, etc.) when different executions do not modify functions.
Fixed specifications have to be clearly required and formally accepted by us.
Libe do not accept penalties in connections with orders received.


The lead terms given have not to be considered fixed but indications and always granted except unpredictable circumstances.
Our company will make all efforts to keep the mentioned delivery terms.
We keep also the right to postpone delivery and to cancel the order in case of force majeure and of breach of contract by the customer. This without any penalty to be asked or paid.


Our prices are always ex works Arena Po (Libe), packing and transport excluded.


The delivery is considered fulfilled when the goods have been delivered to the customer or to the carrier at our premises. This is valid even in case we choose the carrier.
All risks shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery even in case we agreed to organize transport to customer site.
If the Buyers do not give instructions about shipment or do not collect the goods, the goods will be put in the warehouse without any responsibility of our part for good conservation.


Any claim about lack of material or damages shall be communicated to the carrier. The Buyer must communicate his claim within 30 days from receipt.
The claim shall entitle the Buyer neither to cancel the order, to reduce it, nor to get indemnification from the Seller.
No claim will be accepted in case of incorrect handling of the goods by the carrier or by the Buyer, in case of parts already mounted or repaired by the Buyer.
Claims about products shipped or to be shipped or at customers’ site will not prevent the Buyer from collecting the whole batch manufactured and from paying it.


The Seller in the order confirmation establishes the payment. The payment terms over, we will debit the Buyer with the interests due in accordance with Italian law nr. 231/02.
In case of overdue payment or of non-payment we keep the right to stop any further delivery and cancel the balance of the order.
We will not recognize any claim or refund to the Buyer following this action, information of which will be given in writing.


Any return of parts has to be previously agreed with Libe sales department and will be accepted only if the products are in perfect state.
In case of Buyer’s wrong issue of orders which are regularly handled and delivered, the return will be accepted but an amount corresponding to 15% of the order value will be invoiced to the Buyer.
No return will be on the contrary accepted in case of customized and special material.


We do not take any responsibility for any damage of any nature occurred not directly linked with our products.


All modifications to present general sale conditions must be agreed by both parties in writing.


Our legal siege is in Piacenza, via Gregorio X, 46.
Any legal controversy arising between Seller and Buyer falls within the competence of the Court of Piacenza (Italy), all other places excluded.

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