ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark ISO 14001 DNV GL Certification Mark

Yoke type track rollers full complement, double row



This table shows only a limited selection of our back up rolls programme.
Please contact us for the complete range or for customized back up rolls.


> Outer ring
Steel UNI 100Cr6 hardened and tempered, final hardness according to customer’s requirement
> Inner ring
Steel UNI 100Cr6 Hardened and tempered, final hardness 60±2 HRc
Thrust washers
Steel UNI 20MnCr5 case-hardened, hardened and tempered, with final hardness 60±2 HRc
Steel UNI 20MnCr5 casehardened, hardened and tempered, with final hardness 60±2 HRc
Rolling elements
Steel UNI 100Cr6 hardened and tempered, final hardness 62±2 HRc



d D B
mm mm mm
NNTR050... 50 130 63
NNTR055... 55 140 68
NNTR060... 60 150 73
NNTR065... 65 160 73
NNTR070... 70 180 83
NNTR080... 80 200 88
NNTR090... 90 220 98
NNTR100... 100 240 103
NNTR110... 110 260 113
NNTR120... 120 290 133
NNTR130... 130 310 144
NNTR140... 140 340 160
NNTR150... 150 360 171

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