ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark ISO 14001 DNV GL Certification Mark

Radial cylindrical roller bearings, six rows with cylindrical bore




Cylindrical roller bearings with four or more rows of rollers are used almost exclusively for rolling mills. They have lower friction than other roller bearings and can be successfully used where high speed operation is called for. The low cross-sectional height of cylindrical roller bearing means that the roll necks can have large diameter in relation to the roll itself. Cylindrical roller bearing with more than four rows of rollers and cages are used primarily for small cold rolling mills and for flat products where the rolling forces are considerable and rolling speed high. Multi-row bearings are produced for roll neck diameters of up to approximately 220mm. The outer ring is without flanges. Limited axial displacement of the shaft with respect to the housing can therefore be accomodated by the bearing.


The dimensions of the bearing with the series designations listed in the tables comply to ISO 15-1981.


Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings are not designed to accomodate any misalignment.


Excluding particular request of customers, six row cylindrical roller bearings are menufactured to normal tolerance class specifications.


Six row cylindrical roller bearings are manufactured with radial internal clearance that depending on the application. On costumers request are available bearings with different radial internal clearances. All cylindrical roller bearings that present helical groove  on the inner ring bore are made with C2 radial internal clearance.


In relation to the execution, multi-row cylindrical roller bearings are fitted with either two double pringe machined roller guided  cages of brass or steel, pin-types cage of steel (with pierced roller) or machined cage of brass with vent-hole. Some execution are supplied with steel pressed sheet.


With some special exceptions, multi-row cylindrical roller bearings  are undergo special stabilizing treatment S0 which makes them suitable for operating temperatures up to +150°C. On customers request it’s possible have other stabilizing treathment as:

> S1 (for working up to +200°C)

>S2 (for working up to +250°C)


A/B/C/D/E – Deviating or modified internal design

C2 – Radial internal clearance less than Normal

C3 – Radial internal clearance greather than Normal

C4 – Radial internal clearance greather than C3

C5 – Radial internal clearance greather than C4

HA1 – Case-hardening of outer and inner rings

HA2 – Case-hardening of outer ring

HA3 – Case-hardening of inner ring

HA4 – Case-hardening of rollers, outer and inner rings

HB1 – Bainitic hardening for outer and inner rings

HB2 – Bainitic hardening for outer ring

HB3 – Bainitic hardening for inner ring

G – Helicoidal groove on the bore

K/K30 – Tapered bore, 1:12 on diameter (K); 1:30 on diameter (K30)

M – Machined brass cage

P4/P5/P6 – Dimensional and running accuracy to ISO tolerance class 4/5/6

VJ202 – Two rows bearing group

W – Lubrication groove on rings surface

WI – Lubrication groove on inner rings surface

WO – Lubrication groove on outer rings surfaces

W33 – Lubrication groove and three holes in outer ring

S0 – Stabilized rings up to 150°C

S1 – Stabilized rings up to 200°C

S2 – Stabilized rings up to 250°C



d D B/C
mm mm
MRW0253 100 140 80
MRW0254 100 150 90
MRW0255 110 150 71
MRW0256 110 150 71
MRW0257 120 165 80
MRW0258 140 190 90
MRW0259 160 240 145
MRW0260 170 230 109
MRW0261 180 250 125
MRW0262 190 290 180
MRW0263 200 310 200
MRW0264 220 300 145
MRW0265 260 360 180
MRW0266 380 560 325
MRW0267 440 650 375
MRW0268 460 680 400

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